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Client Laptop/Desktop support
In order to successfully resolve your technical issues without actually being at your desk we use remote desktop control technology to connect to your machine and take control of your session.
We have various technologies that we employ in order to do this either in the form of a small application installed on your machine or by the user connecting to a website such as Webex in order to share their screens with us.
These technologies are completely secure and it is impossible to connect to the end users machine without their full permissions to do so.
The benefit of this support technology is that so long as the machine has an internet connection we can remotely connect and resolve any issues wherever that person is in the world.

Remote Server Support
Similar to Desktop connectivity we use a combination of secure VPN technology and remote control software to remotely connect to your servers to remotely manage your infrastructure seamlessly. In addition to the remote software we can install our server management software which will automatically send any warnings or alerts to us immediately in order for us to resolve or repair any issues.

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